Global Fever

I find it particularly interesting how humans have developed a way to communicate with each other on a global scale and choose to talk about fever. Earth`s temperature is give and take 6 thousand degrees. I find it hard to believe one or to degrees off scale would cause any harm to anyone. What makes it interesting it`s the fever itself, but the way earthlings look at themselves as the planets saviors. As if not earth knows what`s best for itself?! It got about 5 billion years of experience being a planet. A 19 year olds brain doesn`t seem like the right antidote if you ask me. I can`t imagine earth, as its flying through space, suddenly goes "I`m 6001 degrees, that`s 0001 more than normal", parks the planet out in orbit and yells "EMERGENCY! Get me Al Gore. Al, I need you to save me. Only you have to ability to convince the human race that it`s their fault I`m 0001 degrees too hot. Can you do that for me Al?" "Yes, earth". Say no more... I think God created man to create God.