Planet Polish

It`s a substance made of mainly water mixed with a little bit of salt. It`s smeared around the globe to make the planet fly more aerodynamic through space. Whoever did it must have been in a terrible hurry cause they left out one fourth of the planet. Thanks to this shit job the planet flies in circles around the sun. The mountains sticking out prevents it from flying though space in a straight line. That why their so far behind. Everything goes in circles. Newer making progress and moving forward. Always a new day. Always the same 24 hour time limit. No wonder they haven`t developed intelligence yet when they fall asleep and have to start all over again every day. Doesn`t leave much room for developing anything else than memory. some species are so obsessed going down memory lane they have created history where they freaking write down the past. They study backwards! And they even disagree about who created the right version of past. The winner is always the one who weren`t there. Being there doesn`t seem to be a qualification, but being miles away does, and living in another time and place gives authority. Why all the fuzz about the past when it`s here and now that counts? Some creatures seem to have understood this. They keep no record of what has been. Neither do they make predictions about what is to come. they just live. And thats what this planet is all about. Life.